Dr. Liu’s AMC Class

Math Seminar

Sample AMC 10 Class

This class is designed for students who are interested to tackle contest programs on AMC10/12 levels. The classes will be on Zoom, live. A successful student attending this class will already have background on the introductory AMC8 level. Specifically, students have already been exposed to the following typical topics:

  1. (Algebra) Quadratic equation, statistics, arithmetic and geometric sequences/series, exponents and radicals, Vieta formula, Binomial expansion.
  2. (Combinatorics) Venn diagrams, factorials, permutations, combinations, sticks and stones, Pascal triangle, complementary counting, expectation value.
  3. (Geometry) Geometry basics, 3D geometry, similar figures, power of a point, centroid, incenter, orthocenter, circumcenter, special triangles, sine and cosine laws, Heron.
  4. (Number Theory) Sum/product of factors, divisibility rules, bases, modular arithmetic.

Some typical topics discussed will be:

  1. (Algebra) Simon’s factorization, Sophie Germain, Gauss functions, complex numbers, logarithm, Diophantine equations, AM-GM, Cauchy inequality.
  2. (Combinatorics) Partitions, conditional probability.
  3. (Geometry) Menelaus, Ceva, Stewart, Ptolemy, rotation/transformation/mass point techniques, vectors.
  4. (Number Theory) Fermat’s little theory, Euler’s phi function, modular equations, system of modular equations, Chinese remainder theorem.

Class dates and times:

15 lectures 6:00-9:00pm 7/12-7/30

Watch Dr. Liu's Math Contest Talk https://youtu.be/67mpZIC2g68

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