Physics Olympiad Competition F=ma online Preparing Course


Physics Olympiad Competition F=ma online Preparing Course


Time:   For the convenience of students,we will have two schedules for the same lecture. You can choose one. 为方便学生们,同一堂课将在不同时间讲授两次,学生们可任选其一

10/8 to 12/10; Saturday, 10:00 – 12:30pm, or

10/9 to 12/11; Sunday, 7:00 – 9:30 pm  (pacific time)

total 10 classes

Pre-requirement: AP-Physics 1 or AP-Physics C – Mechanics

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Tuition: $800. Click and pay here

Course Description


This class is focused on preparing for the USAPhO F=ma contest next January. The teacher will also cover important mechanics concepts and problem solving skills. These will help effectively improve students’ ability to solve hard USAPhO problems. This course also helps students prepare for the AP Physics 1 and AP Physics C courses and AP tests.

This is an online course. The teacher will prepare notes before class, assign homework after class, and make a recording available after class to rewatch. There will be a reference book, but the curriculum is designed by the instructor. If students take this course, they will see a very large improvement in a very short amount of time.

SpringLight has had a large number of students who qualified for the USAPhO semifinal, and two students have qualified for the finals. SpringLight is a WASC accredited institution.

本课程将针对美国物理奥林匹克USAPhO的第一轮F=ma竞赛的范围和特点,深入研讨一些有关物理力学的重要概念和解题技巧, 有效增强学生们解决物理奥林匹克竞赛程度难题的能力,使学生们能最大程度地准备好明年一月的美国物理奥林匹克F=ma竞赛。同时本课程的学习,也将帮助学生们大大强化学校所教的AP-Physics 1课程和AP-Physics C – Mechanics课程,以期学生们在明年五月的有关标准考试中取得好成绩。本课程采取网络教学方式,课前,老师会寄给学生们课程提要,每次课后,老师会给学生们布置适量的作业,做为学生们对所学内容的巩固和提高。课后学生可以反复看课堂录像。授课所用材料采用标准参考书和讲员自行编写相结合的方式,以期学生们在较短时间内取得最大成效。

春晖教育自成立以来年年都有很好比例的学生进入USAPhO半决赛,有两名学生进入finalist,全美前20的国家集训队。 春晖教育得到了美国最有权威的教育认证机构WASC.

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