This course will prepare students for the USAPhO F=ma. The current procedure to select the U.S. Physics Team consists of two exams and then a study camp, the preliminary “F=ma” Exam and the Semifinals. This exam is known as the F = ma contest. There are 25 multiple choice questions in 75 minutes focusing only on mechanics. One point is awarded for each correct answer. The cut-off was 15.5 in 2012, 12.25 in 2013, 12.5 in 2014, 18 in 2015, and 14 in 2016.

Physics background is required and students need to finish physics honor or physics I. We have great students and great teachers. We have successfully provided the USAPhO training for more than four years. More than half of our students have qualified for the semi-final. 

Road map of USAPhO

AP physics 1 → AP physics C Mechanics  → USAPhO F=ma 

AP physics 2 → AP physics C E&M 

 → →USAPhO semifinal


Course Will Cover

  • Real exams
  • The knowledge points for the difficult F=ma problems
  • Notes for question answering process
  • One-on-one discussion of the personal awareness and answering strategy
  • Semi-final mechanism questions and partial credit answer skills.