USAPhO F=ma Enhancement Class

Class Description

There are still more than six weeks to the USAPhO F=ma exam, so we are offering this six-session enhancement class to instruct students so they keep working to prepare for the F=ma test.

The plan of this class is as follows:
Before each class: We will ask students to finish one real previous test which hasn’t been assigned or used in our 10 days winter camp. Students should finish it before the class and email instructor back with their answers as well as give feedback on which questions they felt were difficult and/or confusing in that test. Also, they may bring up any other questions which they are eager to have answered.

During each lecture: The instructor will talk about the questions based on majority students’ requests. Each class, we will focus specifically on new knowledge, concepts, and skills tested in latest F=ma real exams.
Since 2018, the F=ma exam has introduced some new concepts and skills in the tests, which we will make an extra effort to cover.

After each class: Students will be assigned additional homework to practice and prepare with a practice exam for the next class.

Through these practices, students are given further opportunities to enhance their ability to solve F=ma exam problems with the hope that students can maximize their opportunities to succeed in the F=ma test on Feb. 18th 2021.