SAT II physics and AP physics 2 preparation

SAT II physics covers almost all of the physics concepts, same as the ones AP physics 1 and AP physics 2 cover.

Most high schools offer AP physics 1 or honors physics; mechanics and a few other physics concepts in AP physics 2 are not covered, so it’s not enough for students to take SAT II physics and get a good score. Physics is core science course, the physics standardized tests plays a very important role for college applications. It’s not hard to get an 800 for SAT II physics. 75 questions to be finished in 1 hour, normally when even more than 10 problems are incorrect, one can still an 800. Nevertheless, it’s still important to know all of the physics concept well.

Physics has 4 AP tests. Algebra based AP physics 1 and AP physics 2, and Calculus based AP physics C mechanics and AP physics C E&M. Most of high school doesn’t offer an AP physics 2 course, but if a student takes AP physics 2 in addition to AP physics 1, it will give them credit for college applications.

SpringLight Education offers students who are taking honors physics or AP physics 1 at their high school a new class, AP Physics 2/SAT II Physics prep class, which will prepare them for the AP physics 2 test in May and the SAT II physics in June.  It will start in January. We record every class, so students can watch the videos to review.


SAT II physics和AP physics 2 物理的备考:

SAT II physics 涵盖了物理的概念面很宽。概念上需要AP physics 1 和 AP physics 2。

在学校学了AP physics 1 或者 honor物理,主要是力学和一部分AP物理2的内容,概念上不够SAT 2物理。物理做为基础学科的核心课程,考到SAT II physics 一个好分数对申请大学有很大的益处。SAT II physics 考满分不难,1小时75道题,通常错十几题也是能够拿到800满分。备考最好把需要的概念都掌握了。

物理有最多的AP 类型,有代数 为基础的AP  physics 1, AP physics 2,以及微积分为基础的AP physcis C mechanics (力学)和AP physics C E&M(电磁学)。提供AP physics 2 课程的高中不多,如果在5月能考AP physics 1 和AP physics 2, 对学生升学都会有很大帮助。

春晖教育特别为在学校学习Honors physics 或者AP physics 1的学生设计了一门新课,AP Physics 2/SAT II Physics prep class 为 [5月的 AP physics 2 test 和 6月的SAT II physics 备考。每堂课提供录像,方便学生课后复习。