Conceptual Physics

  • This is an introductory class in Physics emphasizing the conceptual understanding of the topics. The target audience will be enthusiastic middle school students interested in a deeper understanding of Physics. The content is roughly organized into 4 sections allowing students to attend based on their individual schedule. 
  • 2-hour sessions, 12 lessons.
  • Text: Conceptual Physics, Hewitt


  1. Introduction to Physics and some basic skills
  2. Kinematics and Dynamics
  3. Torque/Center of Gravity
  4. Vectors/Static Equilibrium
  5. Forces (Newton’s Laws)
  6. Free fall, Projectile Motion
  7. Circular Motion, Gravitation, and Simple Harmonic Motion
  8. Impulse/Momentum
  9. Work, Energy, Power, and Simple Machines
  10. Heat Theory/Thermodynamics
  11. Fluids/states of matter
  12. Waves and Electromagnetic radiation
  13. Sound
  14. Light, Optics
  15. Electricity and magnetism
  16. Quantum Physics