Want to get excellent grades in Math? Interested in learning how to solve precalculus problems efficiently?

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You will learn and master key precalculus concepts through Springlight’s practical and step by step approach to problem solving.

How would you benefit?

  1. Improve your grades in precalculus and love for math
  2. Learn advanced and efficient strategies for problem solving
  3. Receive guided practice in class
  4. Learn proven strategies for remembering formulas and difficult math concepts
  5. Get personalized attention from experienced instructor

Course Objectives

This class is to study the topics need to be successful in Calculus AB/BC. The class will contain all contents needed so student can skip the pre-calc class at school (if desired) and still be successful in Calculus AB/BC.

Sample of Mahama's precalculus class video:

Precalculus Part 1

Class # Topic Hours
1 Functions & Their Graphs 2
2 Polynomial & Rational Functions 2
3 Polynomial & Rational Functions 2
4 Exponential & Logarithmic Functions 2
5 Exponential & Logarithmic Functions 2
6 Trigonometry - Angles, Unit Circle, properties of functions 2
7 Trigonometry - Graphs of sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, secant & cosecant 2
8 Trigonometry - Phase Shifts;Sinusoidal Curve fitting 2
9 Trigonometry - Inverse Trig Functions, Trigonometric Equations 2
10 Trigonometry - Trigonometric Identities I 2
11 Trigonometry - Trigonometric Identities II 2
12 Applications of Trigonometry 2
Total Hours 24

Precalculus Part 2

Class # Topic Hours
1 Polar Coordinates 2
2 Polar Coordinates & Vectors 2
3 Vectors 2
4 Analytic Geometry - Parabolas & Ellipses 2
5 Analytic Geometry - Hyperbolas 2
6 Analytic Geometry - Polar Conics 2
7 Matrices 2
8 Matrices 2
9 Sequences & Series 2
10 Sequences & Series 2
11 Limits 2
12 Limits 2
Total Hours 24

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Words from Sherry Wang, SpringLight's principal, about Mahama:

Mahama is very passionate about teaching math. He has been teaching math with us at SpringLight for almost 1 year. He has taught over ten students in math classes ranging from Algebra 1 to Calculus. ALL of his students like Mahama and his teaching. He is very organized and is always well-prepared for each and every one of his classes. All of his student can sense his passion in his classes. Several of his students have said they would only like to take math classes with Mahama after taking a lesson with him. He knows how to motivate students to like math and enjoy studying.


Mahama Nyankamawu graduated from Georgia Tech with an MS in environmental engineering and has an MPA from Columbia University in Environmental and Energy Finance. He has 15 years of teaching experience in science, math, and finance. Mahama is a practicing professional who enhances students’ understanding by linking theoretical concepts with their real world applications.

He co-authored the book entitled ‘Career 3.0: Career Planning Advice to Find your Dream Job in Today's Digital World’ published in 2016.

Mahama is a life coach, professional engineer and teacher with more than 20 years experience tutoring Math and Science. He is passionate about helping students achieve successful and fulfilling lives through practical scientific and life skills. Click here to see Mahama's seminar on how to improve your child's performance in school and in life. Many parents were moved after attending this seminar.

Mahama is also an NLP practitioner who has taught and inspired thousands of students to earn better grades in school and thrive in life. He uses a unique combination of intellectual and emotional problem approaches that are applicable to many aspects of life.