Dr. Liu’s Calculus

AP Calculus AB/BC Class

Description: This class covers all the topics for the AP Calculus BC examination. Homework and practices are provided.

Pre-requisites: Students are expected to have taken pre-Calc, or Algebra II with Trigonometry.

Class Dates: 8/31 to 12/14 Friday 7-9pm, no class on 11/23 Thanksgiving

Total number of classes: 15

Textbook: Calculus, the Classic Edition by Earl W. Swokowski

Sample of AP Calculus handout


Week 1 Limits

Week 2 Derivatives

Week 3 Applications of Derivatives

Week 4 Review of Derivatives

Week 5 Integration

Week 6 Applications of Definite Integrals

Week 7 Log and Exponential Functions, Inverse Functions

Week 8 Inverse Trigonometric Functions, Integration Techniques

Week 9 Indeterminate Forms, Improper Integrals

Week 10 Review of Integration

Week 11 Plane Curves, Parametric Equations

Week 12 Vectors, Infinite Series

Week 13 Convergence

Week 14 AP Calculus BC past problems Review

Week 15 AP Calculus BC past problems Review



Dr. Liu has many years of training young enthusiastic mathletes  achieving anything from perfect AMC 8 scores, to qualifying for USAJMO and USAMO. In engineering he designed his own heterojunction bipolar transistor solving quantum mechanical problems with Poisson Schroedinger equation in Calculus. His PhD is in semiconductor Physics, under the guidance of a Nobel laureate in Physics and has worked in Hughes Research Laboratories for years, publishing 60+ peer-reviewed papers and securing 9 US and international patents.  Last decade he has designed a trading system in a trading firm, designed virtual reality software at Hewlett Packard and trained corporate customers using enterprise software from Oracle. On the side he has been working as a math coach in the Bay Area.

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