Algebra I


  • Algebra I is the first course in elementary algebra. It is preceded by Pre-algebra and followed by Algebra II. It was originally created as a high school course but over time has increasingly been taught in eighth grade or earlier.
  • It introduces the idea of calculations using symbols, and the basic properties of the arithmetic operations (e.g. addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) for various sets of numbers (e.g. the natural numbers, the integers, rational, irrational and real numbers). It involves simplifying expressions involving variables and constants, and solving linear equations.
  • 2-hour sessions, 12 weeks.
  • Text: Glencoe Math’s Algebra 1

Syllabus Week Topic

1st Numbers

2nd Linear Equations

3rd Graphing Relations and Functions

4th Linear Inequalities


System of Linear Equations and Inequalities

6th Polynomials

7th Factoring

8th Quadratic and Exponential Functions

9th Radical Expressions and Triangles

10th Rational Expressions and Equations

11th Statistics

12th Probability