School Essay Coaching and Editing

In high school and college, every student must know how to write and write well. A strong writing proficiency is instrumental for success in all subjects, from the humanities to the hard sciences. Students who are able to write clear and compelling content are more likely to succeed in collegiate classes and in future careers.

Even before college begins, students stand to benefit from learning how to write at a high level, since essay writing is required for many high school courses and tests. Further, the “college essay” is a incredibly important part of the college admissions process. Essay responses are weighed heavily in the decision-making process for most elite universities and colleges. The better the essay, the higher chance of acceptance.

School essay tutoring focuses on helping students with their in-school writing assignments. These assignments include English essays, reading response answers, history papers, and other take-home writing tasks. School essay tutoring is also available for in-class writing assignments such as AP practice essays, timed writing exams, and free responses for English and history tests. To help students improve their writing skills and better their assignments, our tutors ask the following questions.

  • Is there a scoring rubric?
  • Are there in-class notes or handouts?
  • Are there any sample prompts? Or sample essays?
  • Are there any instructions regarding the length or the paragraph structure or requirements for the introduction and conclusion?
  • What guidance does the teacher offer regarding the thesis statement?
  • Is the teacher willing to approve a thesis statement ahead of time?
  • Is the teacher looking for literary analysis? Or personal commentary? Or something else?

If you are interested in school essay tutoring, please email with the above information, if relevant, including the names of any books of source material students are reading, so our English teachers can work with students to help them achieve their goal.