FBLA/DECA Training Camp

“Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art” - Andy Warhol

Understanding the intricate world of business is crucial for success in the modern world. Regardless of the field of work one enters, an understanding of business allows one to reach new heights. There is no limit to how early one can begin their business endeavors

But business is a very broad topic, and many don’t know where to begin. Students who enroll will be introduced to the world of business and business clubs such as FBLA and DECA. Students will build a strong understanding of the basics of business while also exploring their personal interests through specific business branches. Covering a wide range of topics such as how to come up with a business entrepreneurial plan to professional marketing techniques, students will also be prepared to compete in FBLA or DECA business competitions in high school. They will be immersed in the world of business with other students who also inspire to create change through business.

Time: N/A
(We offer free children care for our students from 9:30am until 6:30pm without extra charge)
Contact: (408) 480-7547, spring.light.edu@gmail.com
Address: 20432 Silverado, Ste 7, Cupertino, CA 95014
Tuition: $320
Registration: not current

Sample Video of Joseph's teaching https://youtu.be/lCg1DH-UWYs.

The Coach Joseph Pang, is a colleg student at UC Berkeley. He graduated from Lynbrook High School and participated in clubs such as FBLA, DECA, and Speech and Debate. By participating in these activities, he has studied multiple branches of business ranging from entrepreneurship to business communications. He will be covering the basics of business as well as how to achieve success in in both the competitive and leadership aspects of business clubs such as FBLA and DECA.

His accolades include:

  • Lynbrook FBLA President
  • Lynbrook Partnership with Business Project Chair
  • 1st Place in California DECA Competition
  • 5th Place Extemporaneous Speech at Stanford Invitational
  • 6th place International DECA Competition in Independent Business Plan
  • Top 20 out of 200 in Impromptu Speaking at Berkeley Invitational
  • 3 time Qualifier for FBLA Nationals
  • Instructor for Public Speaking Summer Camp at SpringLight in 2017

对初中生的FBLA/DECA 培训班


学费 $320 周一到周五上午9:30am-12:00pm, 6月10日到14日。(春晖教育9:30am-6:30pm对参加的学生提供免费的做功课服务)

指导老师:Joseph是伯克利大学生。他曾任Lynbrook 的FBLA club president。他在FBLA和DECA都得到了许多大奖。

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样本课程录像 youtu.be/lCg1DH-UWYs

FBLA/DECA Training Plan

FBLA/DECA Training Camp for Middle School Students

Overview: Throughout the week long class, Joseph Pang will teach students how to prepare for every type of event in FBLA and DECA. Students will learn how to take Testing Events, Public Speaking Events, and Entrepreneurship Events. Students will get to choose which testing event they want to compete it and receive specially tailored help and resources depending on the event. Additionally, students will be taught basic Public Speaking Skills to help them succeed in interview and marketing events. Finally, students will learn how to create their own Business Presentation for their own business idea to present on the final day.

Monday (Introductions + Differences between Introduction Events)

  • Syllabus
    • Difference Between FBLA, DECA and Speech and Debate
  • Goals:
    • Teach Students How to prepare for Every type of Event
      • Introduction/Testing Event
        • Testing Event (FBLA Only)
      • Public Speaking Event
        • Impromptu or Public Speaking
      • Presentation
        • Business Plan
        • Interview
  • Introduction to events (Create a Aptitude Test to see which students might be good at)
    • Describe differences between clubs
    • Describe different type of events
      • Introduction Events
        • Introduction to Business
        • Introduction to Business Communications
        • Introduction to Business Procedures
        • Introduction to FBLA
        • Introduction to Financial Math
        • Introduction to Information Technology
        • Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure
      • Speaking Events
        • Creed
        • Introduction to Public Speaking
        • Public Speaking
        • Impromptu Speaking
      • Presentation Events
        • Independent Business Plan
        • Entrepreneurship
        • Global Business
        • Banking and Financials
        • Introduction to Business Presentation
  • Business Entrepreneurship Event
  • HW:
    • Choose Introduction Event
    • Find out if your High school/ middle school has DECA or FBLA
    • Bring Laptop (preferably have Powerpoint as well)

Tuesday (Entrepreneurship Day)

  • Choose a Introduction Event
  • Entrepreneurship
    • Brainstorming Practice
      • Learn how to brainstorm (come up with example with class)
        • Steps
          • Identify Problem
            • Supply and Demand
          • Identify Target Consumers
          • How to make product / service and costs
            • What makes you different
          • Financials
          • Vendor Pathways
            • Target, reselling, etc.
          • Advertising
          • Credibility
          • Risks and Solutions
        • Advertising Practice
          • Students will be given an object and they have to identify problem, target consumers, etc.
        • Students come up with their own ideas (maybe in groups if there are enough people)
    • Learning How to use Powerpoint (begin if there is time)
      • Ordering Slides
        • Where to put Financial, Operations, and other Information
      • Organization Information
        • How to utilize and create graphs and charts
      • Importance of Animations
        • How to create Animations
      • Theme
  • HW:
    • Finish Brainstorming Idea
    • Begin Powerpoint if possible

Wednesday (Introduction Test Day)

  • How to study for Introduction Event
    • Go in-depth about the selected Introduction Events
      • Practice Test
        • Evaluate Student’s Ability
      • Lecture about the different types of events that were chosen
        • How to prepare for the Events
        • Testing
      • Study Schedule + Resources
        • Quizlets
        • Reddit
        • Testfrenzy
        • Textbooks
      • Search for Resources
    • Work on Presentations (goal 7-10 slide powerpoint)
      • Company Overview
        • Type of Company
          • Sole proprietorships
          • Corporation
          • Partnerships
            • Limited
            • Unlimited
          • LLC
        • Risks/Solutions
      • Finance
        • Initial Capital and Startup requirements
          • Kickstarter and Indiegogo
        • Marginal Revenue
        • Total Revenue
        • Operational Costs
      • Marketing
        • SEO Techniques
        • Public Brand Image
        • Indirect/Direct Advertising
        • Proposed Promotion
  • HW:
    • Continue Working on Business Presentation
    • Continue Finding Resources for Testing Event

Thursday (Public Speaking)

  • Public Speaking
    • General Public Speaking Skills
      • Word Choice
        • Emphasize points
        • Words Tailored to Different Types of Judges
          • Come up with Word List with Students
      • Eye Contact
        • With Judge or Audience
        • Learn how to interpret Judge’s Facial Expression
      • Hand Gestures
        • Emphasizing Points and Statistics
          • Give Students List of Hand Gestures
      • Introduction and Closing
        • Practice Giving Introduction and Closing
      • Posture
      • Tone
    • Interview Speaking
      • Wow-Factor
        • Prop/ Demonstration/ Visual Aid
      • It’s a Conversation, Not a Speech
      • Interview Outline
    • Practice Interview Session
      • Each Student will act as Interviewer and Interviewee
    • Business Presentation
      • Marketing
      • Transitions
  • Finish Business Presentations
  • HW:
    • Prepare to Present Tomorrow

Friday (Present Business Idea)

  • Business Presentations
    • Present Presentations
  • More Interview Practice
  • Activity: Shark Tank Instant
    • Goal: Encourage  Teamwork while also testing Student’s abilities to look at objects in a different perspective (ie. Selling a Pen)
    • Students are placed into Groups. Groups will be given an topic and they have to quickly come up with a speech to market the idea.
    • Groups have 5-7 minutes plan a speech
    • The judge (Joseph) will listen to each group’s presentations and decided which group’s presentation is more convincing
      • Winning Groups get an award (candy or chocolate)
  • Study Schedule for Next Year
  • How to become an Officers of the Club
  • Other Business Opportunities