This is an advanced digital media course which teaches students the basics of movie production, principles of animation, stop motion animation, kinetic typography, and more. Students will learn how to use Adobe After Effects, the most widely used professional program in the movie and animation industry. They will be able to animate objects drawn in Illustrator or pictures edited in Photoshop, and create a short video with professional effects and sound.


Day 1: Introduction of production process, 12 principles of animation, Intro to After Effects (Comps, key frames, and rendering), Intro to exercise 1: Bouncing ball

Day 2: Critiques and critical thinking, review exercise 1, brainstorming idea development, exercise 2: Expressive timing

Day 3: Review exercise 2, Illustration Styles, Storytelling, Storyboards Animatic, exercise 3: Ken Burns Effect Multi-planning

Day 4: Review exercise 3, Cinematic Design, Intro to Adobe Audition, Brainstorm for the personal project

Day 5: Production time and critique on the personal project