Introduction to Swift and iOS programming

Have little to no programming background?

Want to learn more about programming concepts with a chance to build your own iOS app?
Look no further, we’ll be offering a course on basic programming concept using one of the current hottest programming language, Swift. This guided course is intended to get students interested about the programming fundamentals.

Course Description:

  • Intro to programming concept and the programming language Swift
  • Define key programming terms relevant to Swift and iOS programming. Describe the process of creating iOS apps. Learn the purpose of the Apple developer tools, such as Xcode, Instruments, debugger, analyzer, and iOS Simulator
  • Plan, prepare and build an original iOS app, from concept to working program (Depending on the student levels and the time constraint).

Students should own a Macbook with Xcode 8 installed (instruction will be emailed to the students who register) on their Macbook. The class itinerary is subject to change base on student’s level of understanding, time constraints and unforeseen circumstances.