USABO Test Prep Review Program

This course is designed primarily for students who’ve taken at least AP Biology and have prepared for the USABO exam.
Before each session and at home, students need to do practice USABO Open and Semi-Final exams. Then student can email their questions to the teacher. Based on these questions, the teacher will explain confusing test questions and review whichever concepts students need help with. Commonly reviewed items in previous years included lab techniques, advanced concepts such as enzyme kinetics and membrane potentials, plant anatomy, physiology, genetics, cell and molecular biology, endocrine system, immune system.
Each session of the 1-6 and 6-10 sessions are different and independent. So student can join the sessions with their schedule fit in the vacation time and the busy schedule schedules.  
Our USABO/AP biology teacher, Mrs. Webster won big reputation among all of the parents and students.

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