SAT II Biology


SAT II Biology Prep class, Spring 2018

Are you ready for the June 2nd SATII Biology exam?

This class will help you prepare by reviewing every single subject necessary for the exam (as per the College Board).  We will also complete and discuss >5 practice exams before test date.

Note: practice exams are homework, though students are welcome to complete them at our learning center before or after class.

Recommended text books: Campbell biology (9th edition) and Barons SATII Biology test prep. 

(A biology background such as Freshman Biology is highly recommended for all students.)

Meeting: Sundays, 5:15-7:45pm, 3/11-5/27 (12 lessons, 2.5 hours each) 

Students who miss a class can make it up by watching videos of the class and coming to the teacher with any questions.
Fees: $900/12 lessons or $80/lesson

Recommended Book

Campbell biology (any edition) and (at least) Barons SAT II Biology test prep

About the Tests

The SAT Biology subject test is a 60 minute exam with 80 questions.
It measures your understanding of the major concepts of Biology and your ability to use these principles to solve specific problems. Although taking the SAT Biology Subject Test is not a compulsory criteria in the admission requirements of some universities, taking it can help you demonstrate your interests and showcase your strengths in the subject.


  • The SAT Biology subject test is offered in Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, May and June
  • Calculator use is not permitted .
  • Problem solving may requires simple numerical calculations (you need to know Algebra, trigonometry, etc) .
  • Measurements are expressed according to the metric system.
  • Experience in the laboratory is recommended.
  • Take Biology E(Ecological) if you are comfortable answering questions about biological communities, populations and energy flow.
  • Take Biology M(Molecular) if are comfortable answering questions about biochemistry, cellular structure and processes, such as respiration and photosynthesis.
  • Fill the appropriate section on your answer sheet for the test you have chosen and make sure you indicate whether it's Biology E or Biology M.
  • You cannot take both tests on the same test date, but you can take them on two different test dates.
  • The SAT Biology subject test reflects what is normally taught in high school.However, due to differences in high school classes, some students will find questions on topics they’re not familiar with. This is nothing to worry about. You do not have to get every question correct to receive a perfect score (800) for the test. Many students do well despite not having studied every topic covered.

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