AMC 8 Training Class

Class time:

Monday - Friday 12:00-1:30pm from 6/26-7/7, 2023

Tuition: $450


Monday 6/26: Factoring and Vietas
Tuesday 6/27: Exponents and Radicals
Wednesday 6/28 : Sequences and Series
Thursday 6/29: Angles, Triangles, Similarity and Congruence
Friday 6/30: Circles
Monday 7/3: Factorials and Combinatorics
Tuesday 7/4: Stars and Bars +. Binomial Theorem
Wednesday 7/5: Probability
Thursday 7/6: Intro to Number Theory
Friday 7/7: Bases & Modular Arithmetic


The instructor is an incoming freshman into MIT and a USAJMO qualifier and a 5 time AIME qualifier. Additionally, she was admitted into UPenn and Berkeley EECS and is a Coca-Cola semifinalist.