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8/25/18 Free Seminar: Liberal Arts and the Claremont Colleges

In today’s world of higher education, prospective students have a number of institutions to choose from. Among these are universities, technical and trade schools, for-profit enterprises, and liberal arts colleges. This seminar will focus on the latter, liberal arts colleges, which have risen to prominence as an attractive and, in some cases, superior alternative to top-tier universities. Liberal arts colleges such as Williams, Amherst, and Swarthmore on the east coast, and Pomona, Claremont Mckenna, and Harvey Mudd on the west coast provide students with a unique educational environments and opportunities often not found at other educational institutions.

This seminar discusses the difference between liberal arts colleges, universities, and other educational establishments, highlighting several benefits of liberal arts schools that many prospective students may have overlooked on their college searches. Special attention will be given to the Claremont Colleges, a consortium of five world-renowned liberal arts colleges located in Claremont, CA. For those students and families wondering liberal art colleges may be right for them, this seminar will pose and answer helpful questions, including:

  • What are the major differences between a liberal arts college and a large university?
  • What are the benefits of small staff-to-student ratios?
  • Do liberal arts colleges do “research”?
  • Is a liberal arts education valued in today’s job market?
  • What are liberal arts colleges looking for in their ideal applicants?
  • What are the benefits of attending the Claremont Colleges, specifically?

WHEN: August 25th, 2:00 to 3:30pm, Saturday
WHERE: 20432 Silverado Ave, Ste 212, Cupertino, CA 95014
CONTACT:, 408-480-7547
FEE: Free

About the Speakers

Kenton Freemuth (Pomona College, Class of 2015), is a professional freelance writer based in San Francisco. At Pomona, he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and double-majored in English and Philosophy, subjects in which he completed a writing portfolio and senior thesis respectively. He writes professionally for several digital marketing agencies.

Matt Sloane (Pomona College, Class of 2015), is a software engineer who has worked as a Springlight editor for the past two and a half years. He majored in computer science at Pomona and minored in Philosophy. He understands the relationship between career and education and brings a technical focus to the liberal arts environment.

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