5/25/19 Excellence Forum: Stress Mastery & Productivity Seminar

Do you have challenges with:

  • Stress and overwhelm at school?
  • Lack of Motivation & Procrastination?

If so you are not alone. Research indicates that 31% of teens reported feeling overwhelmed and 40% of high school students felt unmotivated.

As parents we want our teens to work hard and achieve their potential without becoming overwhelmed, discouraged, or burned out.

You are invited to join the FREE Stress Mastery & Productivity Seminar.
You will learn how to:

  • Develop stress mastery and resilience
  • Overcome procrastination and become more effective
  • Manage anxiety and perform at your best

This Saturday May 25 at 4:30pm-6:00pm

Who is this seminar for?
Working professionals

20432 Silverado Ave, Ste 212, Cupertino, CA 95014

During the seminar you will be given the opportunity to register for ‘Springlight’s Life Mastery Forum for Teens’ and other Springlight summer programs

Contact:, 408-480-7547

The skills and knowledge your child will gain from Springlight will become assets for their school lives and future careers.

Brief Bio of the Speaker:
Mahama Nyankamawu has tutored and mentored high school students in the Bay Area for the last five years. His passion is to empower young people to become difference makers in the world.
Mahama is a registered professional engineer with 10+ years of experience working in consulting, City Government and as CEO of a solar startup based in Palo Alto, California. He also has multiple certifications in emotional intelligence.
Mahama received an MPA from Columbia University and an MSc from Georgia Tech. He has also completed several certificate courses at the Stanford University.

Springlight Education Institute focuses on providing tutoring and college preparation programs. It has many years of experience working with young adults and has positively impact thousands of students over many years. The Springlight team is dedicated to excellence in service, whether it is teaching or guiding students. SpringLight provides a multitude of educational services from college advising to tutoring in order to better prepare and further your child’s education.

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