Success Forum

Enhancing Conversational Intelligence - How to Talk to Anyone with Confidence

Do you have challenges with :

  • Knowing how to connect and create trust with others?
  • Talking about what you have accomplished?
  • Expressing yourself in challenging or conflict situations?
  • Asking directly for what you really want?
  • Knowing what to say next?

In the Enhancing Conversational Intelligence Forum you will learn:

  • How to have dynamic conversations that build trust and create win-win situations
  • How to ace the college application interview?
  • A step by step process to express your feelings and ask for what you want
  • Use of storytelling to form deeper connections
  • Use of reframing to transform context and create understanding
  • Emotional states of mind and brain required for effective conversations

Enhance Emotional Intelligence - How to make your emotions work for you

Do you have any of these challenges to:

  • To manage emotional triggers and assess positive states of mind?
  • How to manage emotions during college planning?
  • Have high quality relationships?
  • Make good decisions?
  • Find balance and direction in your life?

In the Enhancing Emotional Intelligence Forum you will learn how to:

  • Manage emotions effectively and develop positive states of mind
  • How to manage yourself during college planning process?
  • Build and maintain good relationships
  • Make optimal decisions by blending feelings and thinking
  • Be optimistic and gain the energy to pursue your dreams