4/27/2018 Seminar: Physics Education in the U.S. and the Impact on College Application

Dr. Yang, an experienced teacher, will be giving a seminar on the physics education in the US that covers the following topics
1. The different physics courses in high school, including conceptual physics, physics honors, AP Physics 1/2/C Mechanics/C E&M. How to balance physics courses taken inside and outside of school.
2. How to prepare for the SAT 2 Physics, AP Physics, USAPhO, and the Physics bowl test.
3. How physics can help with different majors at different colleges.
Dr. Yang is able to clearly convey concepts making them easy for his students to understand and teaches with passion. Most of his students have gotten full scores on the SAT 2 and AP Physics test. 30% of his USAPhO students become semifinalists.

Time:April 27,Friday noon 12:00-1:00pm in Chinese中文演讲, Evening 7:30-8:30pm in English
Address:20432 Silverado Ave. Ste 5, CA 95014
Contact:, WeChat: bayecho

Speaker: Dr. Yang graduated from Peking University and Boston College with a Ph. D. in Physics. With his knowledge in Physics, he had the ability to teach in the Department of Physics at Peking University and Boston College. While working at Boston College, Dr. Yang received the “Teaching Excellence Award” and also co-authored the textbook:Introductory Physics Laboratory Manual.
In recent years, Dr. Yang has devoted himself to tutoring high school students. He teaches several kinds of math and physics classes, including training for competitions. Many of Dr. Yang’s students have made distinguished performances in math and physics competitions, and have achieved excellence in their own school courses. His own child has graduated from Harvard University and is now continuing his studies at Stanford Medical School.

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