8/25/18 Free Seminar: Liberal Arts and the Claremont Colleges <Video>

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7/14 Free seminar: Path to Medical School & the way to MIT with athletics.

6/30/2018 Stand Out with Properly Preparing Your Dream College Application

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4/27/2018 Seminar: Physics Education in the U.S. and the Impact on College Application

4/20/18 Seminar: College applications are more competitive than ever… how would you succeed?

3/6/2018 Free Chemistry Seminar. Speaker: Dr. Song

8/17/2017  free seminar: How to get into Elite Colleges with both talents in the arts and majors in STEM? Speaker: Anna

7/18/2015 How Leadership can get you ACCEPTED to UCs and Private Colleges speaker: Rani Mavram

4/25/2015 How to discover your art talent and prepare your art portforlio for college. Speaker: Brian Pea