AP United States History (APUSH)

AP United States History (APUSH) Tutoring

For students looking to learn more about United States history while greatly improving their reading and writing skills, there is no better course to take than AP United States History. Known by many as APUSH, AP United States History is one of the more rigorous courses offered in the College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) curriculum. However, with this rigor comes great edification. In a single year, students will learn the entire history of the United States, starting with discovery of the New World by the Europe and ending with the Obama Administration. Along the way, students will learn how to analyze and contextualize historical events, write analytical essays based on historical documents and free-response prompts, and apply critical thinking skills to primary and secondary historical sources.

As APUSH covers an extensive amount of material, students can expect to have significant reading and writing homework daily. The course covers 9 historical periods and 6 themes, which are as follows:

Period 1: Years 1497 – 1607
Period 2: Years 1607 – 1754
Period 3: Years 1754 – 1800
Period 4: Years 1800 – 1848
Period 5: Years 1844 – 1877
Period 6: Years 1865 – 1898
Period 7: Years 1890 – 1945
Period 8: Years 1945 – 1980
Period 9: Years 1980 – Present
  • Theme 1: American and National Identity (NAT)
  • Theme 2: Politics and Power (POL)
  • Theme 3: Work, Exchange, and Technology (WXT)
  • Theme 4: Culture and Society (CUL)
  • Theme 5: Migration and Settlement (MIG)
  • Theme 6: Geography and the Environment (GEO)
  • Theme 7: America in the World (WOR)

To complete APUSH with good grades and score high marks on the AP test, students must have in-depth knowledge of each of these periods and themes in United States history. Students must also learn to translate this knowledge into critical essays and apply it to multiple choice questions, as the AP test is comprised of three essay sections — a short answer essay, a document-based essay, and a long-from essay — as well as a multiple-choice section.

While APUSH undoubtedly improves students’ historical knowledge, reading and writing proficiency, and critical thinking skills, the course itself can be difficult for many to balance alongside other high school coursework. For those who expect to receive a good grades and 5 on the AP test, extra review and test practice are vital. With one-on-one APUSH tutoring, students can improve their understanding of specific historical areas while honing their skills in essay writing and multiple-choice test taking to improve their class grades and better prepare for the AP test.   

About Kenton Freemuth, APUSH Tutor

Kenton Freemuth is a professional tutor and freelance writer based in San Francisco, California. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Pomona College in 2015, where he double-majored in English and philosophy. He has extensive experience tutoring high school students in areas including AP US History, AP World History, AP European History, AP Language and Composition, AP Literature and Composition, and college admissions essay writing. He earned a perfect score of 5 on the AP US History exam.

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APUSH (AP 美国历史)是美国高中课程中颇具份量的课,它涵盖了从哥伦布发现新大陆到奥巴马时代的美国政治、经济和社会的历史。在课上,学生们通过对历史文件的分析,用自己的判断性思维,并利用分析性写作来理解美国的发展历程。



学习APUSH 的最大问题是,大量的暑期阅读不知重点在哪里,分析性写作不知怎么写,因此对是否能学好这门课产生恐惧。

春晖教育的历史老师Kenton,毕业于 Pomona 的哲学和英文专业,对历史怀有极大热情的老师。他有丰富的教AP US History, AP World History, AP European History, AP Language and Composition, AP Literature and Composition的经验。需要AP 历史学习的帮助吗?请和联系我们。