SAT Subject Tests Preparation Program

Want to get a high score on the SAT subject test?

Come to SpringLight, and do practice tests every week! We give students a professional assessment and 1-to-1 personalized tutoring.

We have all of the College Board’s released SAT subject tests.

SpringLight Education has helped many students increase their SAT subject test scores; more than half have gotten perfect scores.

The secret to getting a high score on standardized tests is to practice, including doing real tests. Some students need to review many of the topics that the SAT subject test covers and are best helped through group classes. Some students' only weakness is a specific area, and they need professional personalized tutoring to help them to better understand that concept and reach their best possible score.


Practice test only: $30/per test including scoring

Free for SpringLight’s college planning and application students

One-on-one tutoring:

10 hours $1000; 20 hours $1800 including unlimited practice tests and scoring

20% off for SpringLight’s college planning and application students

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Available Time: By appointment. Monday to Saturday, 9:30am to 9:30pm. Sunday, 1:00pm to 7:00pm.


Why do students need to do many practice tests? If they understand concepts, do they still need to do them?

Doing more practice will not only help students obtain a deep understanding of and become familiar with the SAT subject tests’ formatting and style, but can also improve students’ ability to take long tests, both of which make the student a better test-taker.

Why do students need to practice with real tests?

The real tests are released by the College Board, meaning that they are most similar in every way to the tests that the students will take. This means that doing the real tests is the most efficient way to improve test scores.

With only so many real tests released by the College Board, which additional practice tests should the students do to help them get a good score?

There are many college prep companies that publish many variants of practice tests. With our test prep program, we will share with you which companies’ practice tests you should do based on your situation.

How many practice tests should a student do?

Each student varies. Depending on the results of an initial practice test, students should take anywhere between 5-15.