Words from Dr. Yang’s students

I am really appreciate the physics classes by Dr. Yang from SprintLight.  My child has never learned physics before. After your encouragement, he started to watch the video recording of the AP Physics 1 on his own. And he scored 5 in the AP test. He is so happy!


At the moment I saw my son scored 5 on his AP Physics E & M part, I would like to express my thanks to Dr. Yang who teaches AP physics E&M at SpringLight Education. My son took the course from online. He didn't do any extra exercises or read any additional materials beyond what Dr. Yang had taught in class. He happened to be absent from school the whole week due to a tournament right before he took the AP tests. I was a bit worried. But he managed to finish Dr. Yang's video clips after he came back from his tournament and before he took the AP tests. Then he got 5 on E&M! According to him, Dr. Yang's lectures cover all the topics in the test and Dr. Yang's teaching emphasizes on concepts. After the class, his concepts about many topics got cleared. Thanks.                                     A. Z. July 9th 2018

Mr Yang,
I had some trouble with the mc, and one of the 12 point fr questions. However, there were some questions that mirrored almost exactly what you went over! I think the test today was more conceptual based(especially the mc) than the Barron's, which is why some of my friends thought that it was very hard. I'm very glad your class was concept-based. I don't know how I did(I answered all the questions though), but I think your class really helped me earn a lot more points than I would have gotten by self-studying. Thank you for helping me solidify concepts even out of class time!
Thank you for being our teacher!                         On Tuesday, May 2, 2017 9:36 PM, C X

Hi Dr. Yang!

I realized that after the class I never got an opportunity to thank you for teaching me! I love physics, and so when I found out that there was an opportunity to take a class like this, I was thrilled. However, I was not expecting anything like what I got. I was blown away by the vast amounts of physics that I didn't know, and I was amazed at how much there was to learn. While I missed the F=ma floor by 1 point, I am still very grateful for both your teaching and your help. Your explanations were clear and concise, and yet those derivations managed to still convey the beauty of a well solved problem. I can say that I not only benefited from your class in the sense that I was able to solve more difficult problems, but also in the sense that I gained a greater appreciation for physics and came away more motivated than I have ever been in the recent past. Thank you so much Dr. Yang for everything you've done!                                                          Best always,                   J. L.

Hi Dr. Yang,

Thank you so much for helping me with physics this summer! Your classes are very fun and enjoyable and I really enjoyed taking classes on-site this time. Physics classes with you are always great and thank you so much for helping me to score a 5 on the AP Physics 2 exam!! Also, thank you for spending extra time with me to go over last-minute questions the day before the exam. It really helped boost my confidence and brush up on some topics. Your hard-work and dedication is very admirable and I hope to be able to attend more of you classes in the future! 🙂 谢谢!        C. K.

Recommendation Letter

Before seeking Dr. Yang’s help for physics, I had scored a 3 on the AP Physics 1 exam and my confidence in my physics skills was very low. I had worried excessively about how I would be able to pass the AP Physics 2 exam, much less score well on it. This feeling was augmented by the fact that no one in my school had previously scored a 5 on this exam. As it turned out, I had nothing to worry about Dr. Yang’s AP Physics 2 and AP Physics 2 Preparation classes hosted at SpringLight Education have truly helped me with physics in his classes, I felt free - and even encourage - to ask whatever questions I had, and all of them were answered both patiently and thoroughly. Dr. Yang is a very caring and encouraging and dedicated teacher. Should you arrive late to class for any reason, he will wait 5 minutes before starting class, as well as call your parents to ensure that you are on your way. Should you have any remaining questions after class, Dr. Yang will not hesitate to stay late with you to finish answering all of your questions. If he does not finish covering all of the day’s material within the allotted class time, he will gladly stay late to finish his lesson. Always caring, Dr. Yang wrote me an email inquiring about how I did on the AP Physics 2 exam just a couple of hours after I finished taking it. After attending his classes, I was able to score a 5 on the AP Physics 2 exam, a feat no one at my school had achieved before. In addition, I found the test to be very easy, and I owe my success to Dr. Yang. Now, my confidence in my physics skills has greatly improved and I am very thankful for all of Dr. Yang’s help.